Brandi Murphy

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The transversus abdominus muscle (TrA) has been demonstrated to be active prior to rapid movements of the upper and lower limbs. This activity is termed feed forward motivation. The lack of feed-forward activation for TrA has been demonstrated in subjects with low back pain. The measures used for investigation of TrA function have been fine-wire needle EMG.(More)
We describe a patient who has primary Sjögren's syndrome associated with asymptomatic gamma heavy chain disease and a tubulointerstitial nephritis. Sjögren's syndrome is known to be complicated by lymphoproliferative disorders and tubulointerstitial nephritis but gamma heavy chain disease is rare (approximately 100 cases described). There is one previously(More)
BACKGROUND Verapamil can modulate multidrug resistance in vitro, but only at levels that are not tolerable when administered systemically. Regional strategies of drug administration may permit the delivery of high concentrations of a drug to specific areas with lower systemic levels. Colorectal cancers typically express the multidrug resistance phenotype.(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG) and blood oxygen level dependent functional magnetic resonance imagining (BOLD fMRI) assessed the neurocorrelates of sensory processing of visual and auditory stimuli in 11 adults with autism (ASD) and 10 neurotypical (NT) controls between the ages of 20-28. We hypothesized that ASD performance on combined audiovisual trials(More)
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