Brandi Howard

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DNA allows for the unambiguous identification of the person from whom a biological sample was derived but provides little information about when the sample was deposited. This information only indicated that the biological material was deposited at the crime scene prior to the collection of evidence. The ability to determine the age of a biological sample(More)
CONTEXT Differential methylation of CpG regions is the best-defined mechanism of epigenetic regulation of gene expression. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine whether any changes in methylation are associated with aldosteronomas. METHODS We performed integrated genome-wide methylation and gene expression profiling in aldosteronomas (n = 25) as(More)
With a diverse population of dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, there is a wide range of sizes and shapes of individuals. Ergonomic considerations have resulted in the design of many adjustable delivery systems, chairs, and pieces of equipment. Companies have marketed instrumentation specifically for people with small hands, yet little(More)
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