Brandee L. Murphy

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Lead has been recognized for years as an environmental pollutant of concern for young children. Nonetheless, many children in the United States still experience high body burdens of lead. Reducing exposure to lead must include an assessment of all potential sources of lead and a definition of routes of exposure. In this paper, the relationships between soil(More)
This paper describes risk assessment methods for two chronic exposure pathways involving arsenic contaminated soil, namely inhalation of fugitive dust emissions over a lifetime, and inadvertent soil/house dust ingestion. The endpoint in the first case is assumed to be lung cancer and in the second case skin cancer. In order to estimate exposures, inhalation(More)
The purpose of this paper is to develop and demonstrate Simulation of Satellite Communications (SIMSATCOM), a high resolution, stochastic simulation of satellite communications for evaluating the effectiveness of message transmission and receipt by specified senders and receivers. SIMSATCOM is designed to operate as a stand-alone simulation, but may be(More)
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