Bran Knowles

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This paper develops a holistic framework of questions which seem to motivate sustainability research in computing in order to enable new opportunities for critique. Analysis of systematically selected corpora of computing publications demonstrates that several of these question areas are well covered, while others are ripe for further exploration. It also(More)
Research into the values motivating unsustainable behavior has generated unique insight into how NGOs and environmental campaigns contribute toward successfully fostering significant and long-term behavior change, yet thus far this research has not been applied to the domain of sustainable HCI. We explore the implications of this research as it relates to(More)
In the wake of the 2008 economic collapse, there is renewed interest in strategies for ensuring the future economic success of nations in a globalized marketplace. One of the main ideas being championed by governments is to promote growth by encouraging local spending, although it is not clear how to motivate this behavioral shift. Local currency(More)
The last few years have seen a flurry of persuasive technologies aiming to encourage pro-environmental behaviors. In this study, I critique the dominant means of persuasion by operationalizing and applying the lessons of a robust body of psychology research on values, specifically exploring the kinds of values accommodated by and appealed to with these(More)
Driven by changes in working practices and technology trends, organizations are increasingly reliant on mobile workers and the data they capture. However, while significant work has been carried out on increasing the usability of mobile devices and applications, little attention has been paid to the quality of data captured by mobile workers. If this data(More)
This workshop will bring together researchers in the Sustainable HCI (SHCI) field to reflect on sustainability challenges in HCI and collaboratively collate and develop a set of strategies for increasing and accelerating positive impact. We will explore 5 key questions towards this, and produce a collaborative position statement. Our key objective for the(More)