Bram Van Asch

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Since the paper by Hammons e.a. [1], various authors have shown an enormous interest in linear codes over the ring ℤ4. A special weight function on ℤ4 was introduced and by means of the so called Gray map ϕ : ℤ4→ℤ2 2 a relation was established between linear codes over ℤ4 and certain interesting non-linear binary codes of even length. Here, we shall(More)
When Jack van Lint was appointed as full professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology at the age of 26 he combined a PhD in number theory with a very open scientific mind. It took a sabbatical visit to Bell Laboratories in 1966 to make him understand that a new and fascinating field of applied mathematics was emerging: discrete mathematics. It(More)
An algorithm to generate solutions for members of a class of completely integrable partial differential equations has been derived from a constructive proof of Frobenius’ Theorem. The algorithm is implemented as a procedure in the computer algebra system Maple. Because the implementation uses the facilities of Maple for solving sets of ordinary differential(More)
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