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BACKGROUND This study examined conditions under which gingival crevicular blood (GCB) could be used to obtain a useful glucose reading to screen for undiagnosed diabetes during routine dental visits. METHODS GCB and capillary finger-stick blood (CFB) glucose readings obtained with a glucometer were compared for 46 patients recruited from an urban(More)
The binding of bradykinin (BK) to its B2 receptor results in a wide spectrum of biological effects including vasodilation, smooth muscle contraction and relaxation, pain, and inflammation. In order to gain a better insight into the physiological function of this potent vasoactive peptide, murine models have been created by the use of gene insertion or(More)
A case of primary synovial sarcoma of the soft palate is reported in a 19 year old man who was in good health and free of recurrence one year after operation. Radiation therapy was selected and a dose of 7600 rads was given. The presence of hyaluronic acid was investigated using the critical electrolyte concentration method. The tumor was considered(More)