Bram Moerman

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In this paper we discuss two basic geometric techniques that can be used to speed up certain types of dynamic programs. We first present the algorithms in a general form, and then we show how these techniques can be applied to the economic lot-sizing problem and extensions. Furthermore, it is illustrated that the geometric techniques can be used to give(More)
Rapid inhibition of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) in human plasma was measured by addition of 5 IU (50 ng) of purified t-PA per ml plasma and measurement of residual t-PA in the euglobulin precipitate after 5 min incubation at 37 degrees C. The recovery of both t-PA activity and t-PA related antigen in pooled plasma from healthy individuals was(More)
Hepatitis B surface antigen is one of the most important serological markers used to diagnose an HBV infection. Improvements in HBsAg assay sensitivity have been achieved constantly over the years since introduction of the first commercial assays. It is generally assumed that diagnostic assay sensitivity includes the ability to detect wild type and viral(More)
We present ArtVis, an application combining advanced visualisation techniques and tangible interaction to explore a large digital collection of almost 28 000 European artworks managed by the Web Gallery of Art. In order to get new insights by exploring, analysing and browsing the artworks, our graphical ArtVis user interface offers three complementary but(More)
We present ArtVis, an advanced user interface combining stateof-the-art visualisation techniques and tangible interaction to explore the Web Gallery of Art digital artwork collection consisting of almost 28 000 European artworks. The graphical ArtVis interface contains three separate visualisation panels that allow users to temporally, semantically and(More)
Roentgenologic and bronchoscopic examination was performed in 75 patients with central carcinoma of the lung 3-5 months following radiation treatment and every 3-4 months thereafter up to 36 months and longer to establish optimal schedule of those procedures to evaluate response and timely diagnosis recurrence or progression of disease. Complex application(More)
The potentialities of perfusion and positive pulmonary scintigraphy for the determination of spreading of bronchogenic cancer were studied in 83 patients and in terms of the assessment of effectiveness of radiation therapy in 28 patients. The results obtained by means of radionuclide methods were compared with those of roentgenography, tomography and(More)
Diagnosis was improved and the duration of examination and costs reduced as a result of bronchoscopy carried out in outpatients. Lung cancer was frequent in males over 45 years with a long history of heavy smoking. In such cases, the disease presented as long-lasting acute pneumonia. The high diagnostic value of the procedure and freedom from complications(More)
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