Bram L. Gorissen

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This paper addresses the robust counterparts of optimization problems containing sums of maxima of linear functions. These problems include many practical problems, e.g. problems with sums of absolute values, and arise when taking the robust counterpart of a linear inequality that is affine in the decision variables, affine in a parameter with box(More)
Robust optimization is a young and active research field that has been mainly developed in the last 15 years. Robust optimization is very useful for practice, since it is tailored to the information at hand, and it leads to computationally tractable formulations. It is therefore remarkable that real-life applications of robust optimization are still lagging(More)
Robust nonlinear optimization is not as well developed as the linear case, and limited in the constraints and uncertainty sets it can handle. In this work we extend the scope of robust optimization by showing how to solve a large class of robust nonlinear optimization problems. The fascinating and appealing property of our approach is that any convex(More)
We propose a new way to derive tractable robust counterparts of a linear program by using the theory of Beck and Ben-Tal (2009) on the duality between the robust (" pessimistic ") primal problem and its " optimistic " dual. First, we obtain a new convex reformulation of the dual problem of a robust linear program, and then show how to construct the primal(More)
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