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It has recently been shown that local search is surprisingly good at nding satisfying assignments for certain classes of CNF formulas (Sel-man et al. 1992). In this paper we demonstrate that the power of local search for satissability testing can be further enhanced by employing a new strategy, called \mixed random walk", for escaping from local minima. We(More)
We describe the Pynchon Gate, a practical pseudonymous message retrieval system. Our design uses a simple distributed-trust private information retrieval protocol to prevent adversaries from linking recipients to their pseudonyms, even when some of the infrastructure has been compromised. This approach resists global traffic analysis significantly better(More)
We propose a new approach for fabricating more sophisticated combinatorial chemistry libraries via split synthesis and evaluate its potential through extensive simulation. Our algorithmically intensive method promises to reduce the time and materials costs of synthesizing libraries which are (1) too large to synthesize economically by sequential or parallel(More)
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