Brajesh Sinha

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Polyphenol oxidase activity was higher in resistant wheat cultivar ACC-8226 than in susceptible cultivar MP-845 in control sets and after inoculation of Alternaria triticina. However, similar polyphenol oxidase isozyme pattern was found in control and inoculated sets of both the cultivars, but the band intensity was higher after inoculation. Three and four(More)
Tomato early blight is an important threat and it has capacity to reduce the production in all major tomato producing areas. Molecular mechanism underlying the resistance against this is not well known. Therefore we studied this system to search the possible mechanism of resistance, which includes pathogenesis related protein, and pathways and transcription(More)
β-1,3-glucanase and chitinase activity in response to infection by Alternaria triticina in wheat was examined. Susceptible and resistant wheat genotypes showed differential response to infection, suggesting the use of these enzymes in identifying resistant wheat lines. Further, it was observed that both the enzymes showed similar pattern of induction due to(More)
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