Brajesh Kumar

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Generally the mobile nodes are battery operated which make energy a scarce resource in MANETs. Efficient utilization of the energy is one of the most crucial issues in MANETs. Energy needs to be optimally utilized so that the nodes can perform their functionality satisfactorily. A node in MANET is a router as well, it could be difficult for a mobile node to(More)
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are a new communication paradigm that enables the communication between vehicles moving at high speeds on the roads. This has opened doors to develop several new applications like traffic engineering, traffic management, dissemination of emergency information to avoid hazardous situations and other user applications.(More)
Presenting a case of 27-year-old female presented in our OPD on 6-12-2013 with severe headache and vomiting and no history of LOC/seizure. There was H/O head trauma 2 month back. O/E pupil of normal size and normal reaction to light and neurological status with GCS-14. CT scan showed a hyperdense left frontal chronic extradural/subdural mass lesion and(More)
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