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Nicotine is mainly metabolized in liver. Its abuse elicits acute phase response by activating macrophages to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines, which play critical role in apoptosis or cell proliferation. The protective pharmacological mechanism of curcumin against nicotine-induced toxicity on protein malnourished liver is still remaining unclear. This(More)
A unique protein, bioremediase (UniProt Knowledgebase Accession No.: P86277), isolated from a hot spring bacterium BKH1 (GenBank Accession No.: FJ177512), has shown to exhibit silica leaching activity when incorporated to prepare bio-concrete material. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry analysis suggests that bioremediase is 78 %(More)
Recently, we demonstrated oral immunizations with single serotype outer membrane vesicles of Vibrio cholerae induced serogroup specific protective immunity in the RITARD model. In our present study, we advanced our research by formulating multi-serotype outer membrane vesicles, mixing the OMVs of five virulent V. cholerae strains. Four doses of oral(More)
Nicotine causes oxidative and genotoxic damages in the tissues leading to several diseases. Any strategy through natural diet that prevents or slows the progression and severity of nicotine toxicity has a significant health impact. This work is designed to investigate natural antioxidants that play effective protective role against nicotine-induced(More)
Tumor-necrosis factor-α (TNF-α)-driven nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) activation and apoptosis are opposing pathways; the growing recognition of these conflicting roles of TNF-α is perplexing. Here, we show that inflammation and apoptosis are time-phased events following TNF-α signaling and that emergence of suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS3) expression(More)
Nicotine aggravates many chronic inflammatory disorders in females under the protein-malnourished conditions because women are more susceptible to nicotine-induced diseases due to their low innate immunity. Although curcumin have been found to obliterate the nicotine-induced disorders through its anti-nicotinic activity under the protein-malnourished(More)
A green technique of silica nanoparticles (SiO2-NPs) formation by using a thermophilic bacterium (BKH1) as biological template is demonstrated here. SiO2-NPs are synthesized from inorganic (magnesium tri-silicate), and organic (tetraethyl orthosilicate) precursor with the help of BKH1 bacteria. BKH1 derived SiO2-NPs are subjected to Atomic Force Microscopy,(More)
Various aspects of hot springs at Bakreshwar (Lat. 23°52'48″N; Long. 87°22'40″E) in West Bengal, India have been investigated since the middle of 20th century, but comprehending the complete diversity and the complexity of the microbial population therein has been in the continuing process. Some of these microorganisms are found to have immense industrial(More)
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