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Emerging whitefly transmitted begomoviruses are major pathogens of vegetable and fibre crops throughout the world, particularly in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Mutation, pseudorecombination and recombination are driving forces for the emergence and evolution of new crop-infecting begomoviruses. Leaf curl disease of field grown radish plants was(More)
A series of neuroepithelioma and neuroblastoma cell lines were screened for nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced differentiation. All three neuroepithelioma cell lines and all nine neuroblastoma cell lines with amplified N-myc oncogene did not show any apparent NGF-induced differentiation. However, neurite extension was observed for three of six neuroblastoma(More)
Capsicum annuum (red pepper) is an important spice cum vegetable crop in tropical and subtropical countries. Here, we report an effective and reproducible auxin free regeneration method for six different red pepper cultivars (ACA-10, Kashi Anmol, LCA-235, PBC-535, Pusa Jwala and Supper) using hypocotyl explants and an efficient Agrobacterium-mediated(More)
A unique protein, bioremediase (UniProt Knowledgebase Accession No.: P86277), isolated from a hot spring bacterium BKH1 (GenBank Accession No.: FJ177512), has shown to exhibit silica leaching activity when incorporated to prepare bio-concrete material. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry analysis suggests that bioremediase is 78 %(More)
Nicotine aggravates many chronic inflammatory disorders in females under the protein-malnourished conditions because women are more susceptible to nicotine-induced diseases due to their low innate immunity. Although curcumin have been found to obliterate the nicotine-induced disorders through its anti-nicotinic activity under the protein-malnourished(More)
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