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Among the cutaneous effects of an essential fatty acid deficient (EFAD) diet are hyperdesquamation, increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and altered lipid profiles, characteristics also common to inflammatory dermatoses. Because fatty acids are antimicrobial, we examined the indigenous skin flora of normal and EFAD hairless mice, and compared the(More)
Concrete block pavement (CBP) is a durable pavement for carrying light as well as heavy loads, and it is being used widely for construction of city streets, parking places, gas stations, container stacking yards, residential areas and low volume roads. This paper presents the findings of a laboratory investigation on structural behaviour of CBP. Plate load(More)
Cast in-situ concrete block pavement (CISCBP) consists of interlocked concrete blocks formed by placing zero slump concrete into the formwork of polyethylene cells placed over a compacted subgrade or subbase and compacted with a roller. CISCBP can also be constructed by filling up the cells with single size aggregates and grouting of cement-sand mortar into(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation of the lower gastrointestinal tract has been reported to result in bacteremia and endocarditis. No such case has been reported in persons with a history of rectal foreign body insertion despite its potential for greater trauma. CASE PRESENTATION A 58-year-old male was admitted with confusion and(More)
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