Brain E. Thompson

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Cyclic AMP is hydrolyzed by members of at least eight classes of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs). Although it has been reported that cyclic AMP PDE activity in mammalian tissues can be inhibited by benzodiazepines, it has not been conclusively demonstrated that members of the class of cyclic AMP-specific, rolipram-inhibitable PDEs (PDE4s) are(More)
A flow cell has been designed and tested for the purpose of exposing platelets to various substrates. The design adopts the principle of flow relaminarization by acceleration to dissipate secondary fluid motions and turbulence so that platelet diffusion will be controlled by Brownian diffusion coefficients. To assess the effectiveness of this flow mechanism(More)
Songbirds are important animal models for studying neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory. While evidence has emerged that cAMP plays a significant role in invertebrate and mammalian learning, little is known about the role of cAMP pathways in regulating neuronal function in birds. With the goal of identifying important components of this pathway,(More)
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