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Next Generation Network (NGN) is envisage to integrate heterogeneous wireless systems. NGN is expected to have Quality as the major challenging issue. More specifically, NGN aims at providing guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) i.e. what quality a network provider can offer (or claims) & what quality user experiences. NGN(More)
A set of NILs carrying major blast resistance genes in a Basmati rice variety has been developed. Also, the efficacy of pyramids over monogenic NILs against rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae has been demonstrated. Productivity and quality of Basmati rice is severely affected by rice blast disease. Major genes and QTLs conferring resistance to blast(More)
Cognitive radio is an enabling technology to solve the spectrum scarcity problem in wireless communication. This is based on the concept of opportunistic spectrum access. Spectrum sensing is one of the most important functions in cognitive radio (CR) implementation. In this paper, we propose a multiple energy detectors (MED) based scheme with improved(More)
Due to dynamic network conditions, routing is the most critical part in WMNs and needs to be optimised. The routing strategies developed for WMNs must be efficient to make it an operationally self configurable network. Thus we need to resort to near shortest path evaluation. This lays down the requirement of some soft computing approaches such that a near(More)
A new energy efficient clustering algorithm based on the highest residual energy is proposed to improve the lifetime of wireless sensor network (WSN). In each cycle, a fixed number of cluster heads are selected based on maximum residual energy of the nodes. Each cluster head is associated with a group of nodes based on the minimum distance among them. In(More)