Brahmarr Sivakumar

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A case-control study was undertaken to understand the etiopathology of the bone deformities among young children in a fluoride-affected village of the Bihar State. Two villages were selected: one village with high fluoride in drinking water (7.9 ± 4.15 ppm), and the other village with normal levels of fluoride (0.6 ± 0.31 ppm) as the control village. The(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the utility of blood cultures in the assessment of early postoperative fever in hip fracture patients with no other indicators of sepsis. METHODS 101 blood cultures were drawn on postoperative days 0 to 5 to investigate 84 febrile episodes in 31 women and 30 men (mean age, 80 years) whose body temperature measured via the tympanic(More)
A low dose combination pill containing levonorgestrel 150 µg and ethynylestradiol 50 µg was administered orally to 13 women. Based on their anthropometric index they were classed as well-nourished (Group A) or undernourished (Group B). Plasma levels of levonorgestrel at various intervals after dosing were analysed by a specific radioimmunoassay and its(More)
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