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This paper presents a preliminary survey of computer forensics programs in North America. It summarizes existing requirements for associate, bachelor's, and master's degree programs as well as certificate programs. It briefly discusses factors which must be considered when introducing a new program (curriculum design, faculty, students, facilities, and(More)
Testing and debugging programs are more involved in distributed systems than in uniprocessor systems because of the presence of the communication medium and the inherent concurrency. Past research has established that predicate testing is an approach that can alleviate some of the problems in this area. However, checking whether a general predicate is true(More)
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design has established itself as an integral and critically vital part of the software development process. In this paper, we describe an integrated approach to teaching this subject so that it covers vital components of this vast field: analysis, object-oriented design principles such as the Liskov Substitution Principle, the(More)