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—Typically, a wireless sensor network contains an important number of inexpensive power constrained sensors, which collect data from the environment and transmit them towards the base station in a cooperative way. Saving energy and therefore, extending the wireless sensor networks lifetime, imposes a great challenge. Clustering techniques are largely used(More)
Many new protocols are specically designed for wireless sensor networks, where the objectives is to save energy and extend the lifetime of the network. The clustering Algorithm is a kind of key technique which is largely used to answer these purposes. In this paper , we present and evaluate a Stochastic Distributed Energy-Ecient Clustering (SDEEC) scheme(More)
Hierarchical routing architecture partitions the whole network in to a group of cluster and only cluster head is responsible for forwarding the data to base station. In this work, we have considered the concept of heterogeneity as in Stable Election Protocol (SEP). In heterogeneous environment, a percentage of the population of sensor nodes is equipped with(More)