Brahim Djioua

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In this position paper we describe the actual state of the development of an integrated set of tools (called EXCOM) for automatic semantic annotation. Annotation is generally used as an operation for marking textual segments to express some morphological and syntactic information. Establishing the semantic web on a large scale implies the widespread(More)
The basic aim of the model proposed here is to automatically build semantic metatext structure for texts that would allow us to search and extract discourse and semantic information from texts indexed in that way. This model is built up from two engines: The first engine, called EXCOM (Djioua et al., 2006), is an XML based system for an automatic annotation(More)
The identification of the scientific production and the evaluation of the researchers is a problem we are facing at present times. Bibliometric methods use mainly statistical tools and their results are of quantitative nature. Consequently, this approach does not provide any tools of qualitative evaluation. It is for this reason we suggest to examine the(More)
Semantic annotation of localization and identification relations falls under an immense project of automatic annotation of relations embodied in the platform EXCOM. While localization and identification relations have been defined by Applicative and Cognitive Grammar, they are described here from the perspective of language processing, based on contextual(More)
In this article, we develop a framework for the building of domain ontologies and a semantic index based on two technologies: terminology extraction with LEXTER (© EDF R&D) and discourse and semantic annotation with EXCOM. We have selected two specific points of view for this study: causality and part-whole notions. In the first part of this paper, we(More)
A semantics of definition category and its sub-categories used in texts, organized in a semantic map, requires a more complex structuring of the domain underlying the meaning representations than is commonly assumed. This paper proposes a three-layer ontology in which the notion of definition takes part and indicates how it can be used in Information(More)
Résumé: L'identification et l'évaluation de la production scientifique sont un problème d'actualité. Nous nous sommes donc intéressés à étudier comment les auteurs sont cités à travers les publications scientifiques. Cette approche linguistique permet de catégoriser les renvois bibliographiques d'une publication. L'application informatique de cette étude(More)
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