Brahim Belattar

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In this paper, we discuss various aspects of the design, implementation, and use of JAPROSIM which is a general purpose discrete event simulation framework based on the Java programming language. JAPROSIM is an open source project developed for both academic and industrial purposes. It also merges processinteraction modeling structures with powerful java(More)
At a time when complexity becomes a major issue in system modeling, it becomes necessary to simplify, as much as possible, complex systems to be modeled. The inherent complexity of this latter obstructs understanding of their models. In turn, the number of components, interactions between them and the size of the model, increase when complexity increases.(More)
Discrete event simulation (DES) projects implement several crosscutting concerns, such as event scheduling, event handling, and keeping track of a simulation’s state which tend to produce a tangling and scattering simulation code. This increases the complexity and reduces the maintainability which requires specific separation of concerns (SOC). The aspect(More)
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