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PVA/Gluten Hybrid Nanofibers for Removal of Nanoparticles from Water
Recent developments in nanotechnology led to the incorporation of many nanomaterials into consumer products. Disposal of such products will lead to potential contamination of the environment.Expand
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Biomimetic smart nanocomposite: in vitro biological evaluation of zein electrospun fluorescent nanofiber encapsulated CdS quantum dots.
New hybrid quantum dot (QD)/nanofibers have potential applications in a variety of fields. A novel fluorescent nanocomposite nanofiber material, consisting of CdS and zein has been fabricated throughExpand
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Biocompatible nanofibers based on extremophilic bacterial polysaccharide, Mauran from Halomonas maura.
Extremophilic bacterial polysaccharide based biocompatible nanofibers were produced for the first time via electrospinning technique. Mauran (MR), an extremophilic sulfated exopolysaccharide wasExpand
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Sustainable Bioresource, Silk at the Nanoscale for Biomedical Applications
Abstract Christened as the “queen of textile,” silk (a proteinaceous biopolymer) has etched an indelible mark on the canvas of biomedical applications. The innate features of biocompatibility,Expand
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