Braeden D. Newton

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to evaluate the preprogressive phase in subjects with radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) who evolve to primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS). METHODS A multicenter RIS cohort was previously established. Demographic, clinical, and radiological characteristics of subjects with RIS that evolved directly to PPMS(More)
Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) is a rare neurologic entity of varied etiology characterized by the destruction of the myelin sheath in pontine structures. Initially described in chronic alcohol abuse and malnourished patients, CPM has also been associated with the rapid correction of hyponatremia and alterations in blood glucose homeostasis. Here we(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying highly sensitive and reliable neurological exam components are crucial in recognizing clinical deficiencies. This study aimed to investigate finger tapping performance differences between patients with CNS demyelinating lesions and healthy control subjects. METHODS Twenty-three patients with multiple sclerosis or clinically isolated(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the temporal profile of absolute and lymphocyte subset data from dimethyl fumarate (DMF) start and relationships to disease behavior. METHODS A retrospective study performed on patients with an existing diagnosis of MS and a history of DMF exposure from a single MS center. Demographic, laboratory, and corresponding clinical relapse(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There remains a need to further refine the ability of clinicians to differentiate multiple sclerosis (MS) from other disease etiologies. Here, we illustrate the value of 3-dimensional (3D) geometric shape and surface lesion characteristics between disease states. METHODS Standardized 3-Tesla 3D brain magnetic resonance imaging(More)
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