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Selenium accumulation protects Brassica juncea from invertebrate herbivory and fungal infection.
Se was shown to protect Indian mustard plants from fungal infection and from herbivory by caterpillars, but not by snails. Expand
Selenium protects plants from phloem-feeding aphids due to both deterrence and toxicity.
Se can protect plants from feeding by aphids at leaf levels two orders of magnitude lower than those found in hyperaccumulators in the field, shed light on the possible functional significance of Se hyperaccUMulation. Expand
Constitutive expression of a high-affinity sulfate transporter in Indian mustard affects metal tolerance and accumulation.
Results suggest that SHST1 can facilitate uptake of other oxyanions in addition to sulfate and thatSHST1 mediates uptake in roots rather than root-to-shoot translocation, and that this approach shows some potential for phytoremediation. Expand
Herbicide Symptoms on Hemp
This publication reports on a 2019 research project that involved damage assessment of hemp plants sprayed with a variety of herbicides. Awareness of such herbicide damage could benefit growers whoExpand