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Synaptic membranes, highly enriched in nicotinic receptor, contain three 43 000 molecular weight (Mr) peripheral proteins (distinctive in their peptide mapping profiles and earlier designated v1, v2, and v 3) as well as the receptor alpha 2 beta gamma delta integral membrane subunits. Of the three proteins, only v1 is copurified with the membrane-bound(More)
A recent proposal that the metamaterial approach to dielectric response engineering may increase the critical temperature of a composite superconductor-dielectric metamaterial has been tested in experiments with compressed mixtures of tin and barium titanate nanoparticles of varying composition. An increase of the critical temperature of the order of ΔT ~(More)
Cerebrum and cerebellum contain numerous asymmetric synapses characterized by the presence of a postsynaptic thickening prominently stained by phosphotungstic acid and other electron-dense stains suitable for electron microscopy. A 51,000-Mr protein, copurified in postsynaptic density-enriched fractions from cerebrum, is considered to be a well established(More)
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