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Eclosion, or emergence of adult flies from the pupa, and locomotor activity of adults occur rhythmically in Drosophila melanogaster, with a circadian period of about 24 hours. Here, a clock mutation, timeless (tim), is described that produces arrhythmia for both behaviors. The effects of tim on behavioral rhythms are likely to involve products of the X(More)
A new lanthanide tag was designed for site-specific labeling of proteins with paramagnetic lanthanide ions. The tag, 4-mercaptomethyl-dipicolinic acid, binds lanthanide ions with nanomolar affinity, is readily attached to proteins via a disulfide bond, and avoids the problems of diastereomer formation associated with most of the conventional lanthanide(More)
Transcription factors are involved in a number of important cellular processes. The transcription factor NF-κB has been linked with a number of cancers, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. As a result, monitoring transcription factors potentially represents a means for the early detection and prevention of diseases. Most methods for transcription factor(More)
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