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Preface: The Quality Assurance subcommittee of the ACMG Laboratory Practice committee has the mission of maintaining high technical standards for the performance and interpretation of genetic tests. In part, this is accomplished by the publication of the document " Standards and Guidelines for Clinical Genetics Laboratories, " which was published in its(More)
Group recommended a panel of mutations and variants that should be tested to determine carrier status within the CFTR gene as a part of population screening programs. 1,2 This was initially done in response to the recommendations of an NIH CF Consensus Conference that CF carrier screening be considered by all couples for use before conception or prenatally.(More)
The rapid introduction of new technologies for newborn screening is affecting decisions about the disorders (conditions) that are required or offered as an option through public and private newborn screening. An American College of Medical Genetics report to the Health Resources and Services Administration summarized an extensive effort by a group of(More)
Precision or personalized medicine through clinical genome and exome sequencing has been described by some as a revolution that could transform healthcare delivery, yet it is currently used in only a small fraction of patients, principally for the diagnosis of suspected Mendelian conditions and for targeting cancer treatments. Given the burden of illness in(More)
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