Bradley Vender

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In this paper we propose a testing strategy that targets Java applications with complex GUI structure and event interactions. We present a capture and replay testing technique which can be employed for different testing purposes: GUI convergence, functional testing and regression testing. The proposed strategy drastically improves, and from different(More)
Virtual role-playing environments can be a powerful mechanism of instruction, provided they are constructed such that learning how to play and win the game contributes to a player’s understanding of real-world concepts and procedures. North Dakota State University (NDSU) provides students with environments to enhance their understanding of geology (Planet(More)
A cell is a minifactory in which structures and molecules are assembled, rearranged, disassembled, packaged, sorted, and transported. Because cellular structures and molecules are invisible to the human eye, students often have difficulty conceptualizing the dynamic nature of cells that function at multiple scales across time and space. To represent these(More)
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