Bradley S. Law

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Many species of vertebrates require multiple habitats to obtain different resources at different stages of their life-cycles. Use of habitat mosaics takes place on a variety of spatial and temporal scales, from a daily requirement for adjacent habitats to seasonal use of geographically separated environments. Mosaics of habitats are also required in some(More)
Farmland biodiversity is greatly enhanced by the presence of trees. However, farmland trees are declining worldwide, including in North America, Central America, and parts of southern Europe. We show that tree decline and its likely consequences are particularly severe in Australia's temperate agricultural zone, which is a threatened ecoregion. Using field(More)
Forest vertebrate fauna provide critical services, such as pollination and seed dispersal, which underpin functional and resilient ecosystems. In turn, many of these fauna are dependent on the flowering phenology of the plant species of such ecosystems. The impact of changes in climate, including climate extremes, on the interaction between these fauna and(More)
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