Bradley Norlander

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There has been significant interest in, and controversy about, whether anger and hostility problems are meaningfully related to male-to-female intimate partner violence (IPV). In this meta-analytic review, we empirically evaluated whether the constructs of anger and hostility discriminated between IPV perpetrators and nonviolent comparison males.(More)
A previously described experimental model for studying the effect of industrial solvents on the vestibular system of rabbits has been applied to trichloroethylene. Estimation of trichloroethylene and its metabolites in blood and cerebrospinal fluid was performed by gas chromatography. Vestibular function was studied by recording nystagmus, induced by(More)
Hexachlorophene (HCP)-induced intramyelinic vacuolation was studied in the transitional region of the trigeminal root of suckling and adult mice. HCP produced an extensive vacuolation in the central compartment of the region in both suckling and adult mice, while in the peripheral compartment myelin lesions were only seen in mice less than 16 days of age.(More)
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