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An enabling optimization for C++ virtual functions
This paper describes an opt imizat ion tha t improves the performance of C + + programs that contain vir tual functions by replacing indirect function calls with direct functions calls. Expand
The Decomposition Slice Display System
A Practical Guide to GPL Compliance
This is a guide to effective compliance with the GNU General Public License (GPL) and related licenses. In accordance with the Software Freedom Law Center’s (SFLC’s) philosophy of assisting theExpand
The State of Free Software in Mobile Devices
Opinion: operating system wars
This is quite different from the attitudes felt about other ``religious'' issues in the world of computing. Expand
A Novel Approach for Porting Perl to the Java Virtual Machine
At the fourth Perl Conference, two possible approaches for porting Perl to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) were presented. Both these approaches have unfortunate drawbacks that render them cumbersomeExpand
Politics of Cooption in Free and Open Communities
Software freedom has entered a period of cooption by for-profit companies who seek to exploit the benefits of these sharing communities, but do not necessarily wish to engage as equals with the individual hobbyists who build and foster those communities. Expand
Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: a comprehensive tutorial and guide
The copyright holders hereby grant the freedom to copy, modify, convey, Adapt, and/or redistribute this work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License. Expand
perljvm: Using B to Facilitate a Perl Port To the Java Virtual Machine
perljvm is poised to be a functional JVM port of Perl. In designing perljvm, various ports of other languages to the JVM were studied and classified. Using this data, it was determined that Perl’s BExpand