Bradley M. Potts

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High temperature stress in nurseries germinating Eucalyptus globulus seed is an important problem affecting germination synchrony and rate. Where there is a risk of high-temperature stress, then the choice of female parent may be important. This issue is particularly relevant to the production of full-sib families from mass-supplementary pollination where(More)
The maternal genotype has a significant effect on most germination traits of Eucalyptus globulus seeds. These differences can be partly explained by genetic-based differences amongst races, including differences in sensitivity to high temperatures which may be of adaptive significance. Slow and uneven germination of Eucalyptus globulus seeds in commercial(More)
The rust Puccinia psidii infects many species in the family Myrtaceae. Native to South America, the pathogen has recently entered Australia which has a rich Myrtaceous flora, including trees of the ecologically and economically important genus Eucalyptus. We studied the genetic basis of variation in rust resistance in Eucalyptus globulus, the main(More)
Understanding the genetic-based variability in plant phytochemical compounds provides insight into the evolutionary and ecological processes affecting those traits. In some cases, it is an advantage to quantify the holistic phytochemical profile of a sample rather than focus on individual compounds of known interest. Near-infrared (NIR) reflectance(More)
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