Bradley L Hess

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Cdx and Hox gene families encode homeodomain-containing transcription factors involved in anterior-posterior vertebral patterning. Although Cdx proteins are direct transcriptional regulators of Hox gene expression, both Hox and Cdx proteins are known to interact with other homeodomain transcription factors, leading us to speculate that Cdx and Hox proteins(More)
The packaging of genomic DNA into nucleosomes creates a barrier to transcription that can be relieved through ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling via complexes such as the switch-sucrose non-fermentable (SWI-SNF) chromatin remodeling complex. The SWI-SNF complex remodels chromatin via conformational or positional changes of nucleosomes, thereby altering the(More)
Retinoic acid is required for diverse ontogenic processes and as such identification of the genes and pathways affected by retinoic acid is critical to understanding these pleiotropic effects. The presomitic mesoderm of the E8.5 mouse embryo is composed of undifferentiated cells that are depleted of retinoic acid, yet are competent to respond to the(More)
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