Bradley K W Ng

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OBJECTIVES The prosecution of psychiatric inpatients for violent acts remains controversial but is increasingly considered as a management option for a minority of patients. Most of the literature so far has been based in North America. This study in a rural New Zealand psychiatric unit was undertaken to explore the rates, reasons and outcomes of referring(More)
BACKGROUND A recent series of case reports has demonstrated a significant, previously unrecognized drug interaction between serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) and methylene blue (MB). OBJECTIVE The authors review the case reports and clinical audits relevant to this interaction and consider the diagnosis of serotonin syndrome in these cases. METHOD(More)
PURPOSE To report a case of autonomic, neurological and neuromuscular instability following methylene blue infusion for parathyroidectomy; to advance the argument for a diagnosis of serotonin syndrome; and to consider this diagnosis in previous, unexplained reports of adverse reactions amongst patients undergoing parathyroidectomy using methylene blue. (More)
OBJECTIVE To explore possible contributing or mitigating factors for burnout in New Zealand psychiatrists as well as future research directions in this area. METHOD A selective review of the literature pertaining to burnout and reports regarding New Zealand's medical workforce. RESULTS Possible factors contributing to burnout in New Zealand(More)