Bradley J. Schafer

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Signatures continue to be an important biometric because it remains widely used as a means of personal verification and therefore an automatic verification system is needed. In this paper we present an off-line signature verification and recognition system based on a combination of features extracted such as global features, mask features and grid features.(More)
This study characterizes 5.8 GHz backscatter radio links in a transient, high-voltage power line environment. The measured results demonstrate how increased RF carrier frequency provides additional resistance to the noise, interference, and corona shielding of communication antennas that operate near high-voltage lines. The results lead to important design(More)
This study demonstrates the operation of 5.8 GHz<lb>backscatter radio links in a transient, high-voltage<lb>commercial power line environment. The measured<lb>results demonstrate that increased RF carrier<lb>frequency provides additional resistance to the noise,<lb>interference, and corona shielding of communication<lb>antennas that operate on high-voltage(More)
American industry appears to be moving into a period of technological change which staggers the imagination. While a layman may have read a great deal about the new automated processes, and may have had considerable actual experience with the practical impact of automation, it is difficult to visualize fully the changes which are taking place.
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