Bradley J. Ru

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  • Esteban F. Klory, Eyal Winterz, +6 authors Brad Coker
  • 2006
This paper studies the e¤ects that the revelation of information on the electorate’s preferences has on voters’turnout decisions. The experimental data show that closeness in the division of preferences induces a signi…cant increase in turnout. Moreover, for closely divided electorates (and only for these electorates) the provision of information(More)
Both oligopoly theory and experiments are concerned almost uniquely with the behavior of sellers. Buyers' ability to exhibit non-trivial behavior in di erent market institutions remains unaddressed. This paper investigates the impact of three variables (number of buyers, surplus division at the market-clearing price and revelation of information) on(More)
Metallothionein II (Mw = 6.8 kDa), induced by cadmium and purified from rabbit liver, has been crystallized in space group P6222 or P6422. The unit-cell parameters were a = b = 113.4, c = 219.1 A, alpha = beta = 90.0, gamma = 120.0 degrees when crystallized from sodium citrate buffer and a = b = 113.4, c = 219.6 A, alpha = beta = 90.0, gamma = 120.0 degrees(More)
Polymerization of metallothioneins is one of the usually encountered puzzles during the research process of metallothioneins' structure and function. Our work focuses on the cysteine independently occurred polymerization from metallothioneins monomers in different milieus, while it leaves out the aggregation caused by the oxidation of cysteine, because the(More)
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