Bradley J Hurren

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This work investigates the role of NT-3 in peripheral myelination. Recent articles, based in vitro, propose that NT-3 acting through its high-affinity receptor TrkC may act to inhibit myelin formation by enhancing Schwann cell motility and/or migration. Here, we investigate this hypothesis in vivo by examining myelination formation in NT-3 mutant mice. On(More)
Klinefelter's syndrome, the most common sex disorder associated with chromosomal aberrations, is characterized by a plethora of clinical features. Parameters for diagnosis of the syndrome are constantly expanding as new anatomical and hormonal abnormalities are noted, yet Klinefelter's remains underdiagnosed and underreported. This review outlines the key(More)
Skeletal muscle development has been the focus of intensive study for many decades. Recent advances in genetic manipulation of the mouse have increased our understanding of the cell signalling involved in the development of muscle progenitors which give rise to adult skeletal muscles and their stem cell populations. However, the influence of a vital tissue(More)
Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is estimated to affect 400,000 people worldwide. First described clinically in 1956, PWS is now known to be a result of a genetic mutation, involving Chromosome 15. The phenotypical appearance of individuals with the syndrome follows a similar developmental course. During infancy, universal hypotonia accompanied by feeding(More)
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