Bradley H. Wagenaar

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OBJECTIVE We evaluated the effects of tax increases on alcoholic beverages in 1983 and 2002 on alcohol-related disease mortality in Alaska. METHODS We used a quasi-experimental design with quarterly measures of mortality from 1976 though 2004, and we included other states for comparison. Our statistical approach combined an autoregressive integrated(More)
A rich Haitian ethnopsychology has been described, detailing concepts of personhood, explanatory models of illness, and links between mind and body. However, little research has engaged explicitly with mental illness, and that which does focuses on the Kreyòl term fou (madness), a term that psychiatrists associate with schizophrenia and other psychoses.(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated willingness to participate in CVCT and associated factors among MSM in the United States. METHODS 5,980 MSM in the US, recruited through, completed an online survey March-April, 2009. A multivariable logistic regression model was built using being "willing" or "unwilling" to participate in CVCT in the next 12 months as(More)
Objective We assessed the availability of essential medicines for mental healthcare (MH) across levels of the public healthcare system to aid in future systems planning. Design Non-expired MH medications were assessed in 24 public health facilities and 13 district warehouses across Sofala Province, Mozambique, from July to August 2014. Medication categories(More)
BACKGROUND We compared factors associated with low HIV/AIDS knowledge among internet-using MSM in South Africa and the United States. METHODS 1,154 MSM in the US and 439 MSM in South Africa, recruited through, completed an online survey using a US-validated HIV knowledge scale (HIV-KQ-18). Separate multivariable logistic regression models(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the relationship between health system factors and facility-level EHP stock-outs in Mozambique. METHODS Service provisions were assessed in 26 health facilities and 13 district warehouses in Sofala Province, Mozambique, from July to August in 2011-2013. Generalised estimating equations were used to model factors associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) has increased dramatically in resource-limited settings since its introduction a decade ago. However, ART coverage remains low in countries with the highest disease burden, which may be partially explained by poor testing to care linkages. HIV testing service may impact early attrition in the HIV treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Little is currently known about the extent to which US MSM understand the possibility that a long-term sex partner can have an HIV status different than one's own status. This information is important in the adaptation of Couples Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing (CVCT) for US MSM. METHODS 428 US MSM completed an online survey using(More)
Suicide is a complex global public health problem, yet few studies have examined local socio-cultural explanatory models and other contextual factors surrounding suicide in low-and-middle-income countries. Such research is critical, as suicide frequency and etiology, as well as care-seeking in the case of distress, differ contextually and by sub-groups(More)
BACKGROUND Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, there has been increased international attention to mental health needs throughout the country. The present study represents one of the first epidemiologic studies of depression symptomatology, suicidal ideation, and associated factors in Haiti's Central Plateau. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional,(More)