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This study demonstrates the effects of elevated intestinal venous pressure on the intestinal tissue spaces and the histological locus of the transmucosal albumin flux under such conditions. The authors were able to localize albumin in the tissues using an Evans blue-albumin fluorescence technique. This technique makes use of the fluorescence properties and(More)
The functions and integrity of body tissues are critically dependent on an adequate oxygen supply. Because the transport of oxygen to the cells is intimately linked to the microcirculation, the concept of microcirculation-metabolism coupling has received much attention. In essence, the metabolic theory of intrinsic control of the microcirculation states(More)
Intriguing questions have recently been raised regarding the applicability of direct observations of the pial microcirculation to the behavior of the total cerebral microcirculation. Operating under the assumption that arteriolar tone and, thus, cerebrovascular resistance is, to some extent, directly related to the intrinsic energy metabolism of the(More)
Clinical data in neprtotic and nonnephrotic subjects were examined to help delineate the mechanism of hypercholesterolemia in nephrotic syndrome. Analyses of the relationship between total serum cholesterol and serum albumin levels and between total serum cholesterol and calculated serum oncotic pressure in 500 nonnephrotic individuals revealed strong(More)