Bradley Geiger

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Radio frequency identification (RFID) can be a key enabler for enhancing productivity and safety of the blood product supply chain. This article describes a systematic approach developed by the RFID Blood Consortium for a comprehensive feasibility and impact assessment of RFID application in blood centre operations. MATERIALS AND(More)
Cardiac nuclear medicine, cardiac computed tomography (CT), interventional cardiology procedures, and electrophysiology procedures are increasing in number and account for an important share of patient radiation exposure in medicine. Complex percutaneous coronary interventions and cardiac electrophysiology procedures are associated with high radiation(More)
82 Background: Members of the scheduling teams at the Abramson Cancer Center observed prolonged delays between chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments scheduled by staff from 2 independent departments leading to inconvenience for patients receiving concurrent chemo- and radiation therapy (CRpts). METHODS An analysis of baseline data over 6 weeks(More)
We show how to create 3D models of a maternal pelvis and fetal head from magnetic resonance images (MRI). The models are used to simulate the progress of delivery in order to give a prognosis of successful labor. 1 Overview An important problem in obstetrics is the prognosis of successful labor. Some of the factors are: (1) the size and shape of the bony(More)
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