Bradley G. Stevens

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Despite the importance of food intake, feed ration has not been determined for many crabs. Juvenile red king crabs of mean size 25–30 mm carapace length (CL) were fed to satiation with squid either once or twice weekly for 6 months. Feed ration (FR = consumption expressed as a proportion of wet body mass) increased to a peak of about 0.10 at 30 days(More)
In this study, we applied systematic adaptive cluster sampling (SACS) to assess the abundance of black sea bass Centropristis striata on hard bottom habitats in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MBA; USA). We used a remote underwater video system to obtain video recordings of black sea bass from 25 June to 6 August 2013 within a 25-square nautical mile (nmi2)(More)
The incidence of epizootic shell disease in American lobster Homarus americanus has increased in southern New England, U.S.A., in the last decade, but few longitudinal studies have followed the disease progress in individual lobsters or demonstrated direct effects on mortality or growth. Diseased lobsters were held in the laboratory for 1 yr, and the(More)
Shell disease (SD) has been observed in lobster populations for almost a hundred years, but recently, rates of an epizootic form of shell disease (ESD) have increased in the southern New England (USA) area. A large proportion of fish in the diet of American lobsters Homarus americanus has been linked to increased rates of SD. Therefore, the use of fish as(More)
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