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Criteria for the classification of carpal tunnel syndrome for use in epidemiologic studies were developed by means of a consensus process. Twelve medical researchers with experience in conducting epidemiologic studies of carpal tunnel syndrome participated in the process. The group reached agreement on several conceptual issues. First, there is no perfect(More)
BACKGROUND Health care workers incur frequent injuries resulting from patient transfer and handling tasks. Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of mechanical lifts in preventing injuries and time loss due to these injuries. METHODS We examined injury and lost workday rates before and after the introduction of mechanical lifts in acute care(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare union rates and complications of retrograde intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures with those of antegrade intramedullary nailing. DESIGN Retrospective. SETTING Level I trauma center. PATIENTS Two hundred eighty-three consecutive adult patients with 293 fractures of the femoral shaft who underwent stabilization with(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinson disease is a common neurodegenerative disease. The racial, sex, age, and geographic distributions of Parkinson disease in the US are unknown. METHODS We performed a serial cross-sectional study of US Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 and older from the years 1995, and 2000-2005. Using over 450,000 Parkinson disease cases per year, we(More)
The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine the long-term functional and radiographic outcomes in a series of young adults (less than forty-five years old) in whom an acute displaced intra-articular fracture of the distal aspect of the radius had been treated with operative reduction and stabilization. Twenty-six fractures in twenty-six(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct an intervention trial of a "best practices" musculoskeletal injury prevention program designed to safely lift physically dependent nursing home residents. DESIGN A pre-post intervention trial and cost benefit analysis at six nursing homes from January 1995 through December 2000. The intervention was established in January 1998 and(More)
OBJECTIVES Quantitatively evaluate plain radiographs, relative to computed tomography (CT) scans, for assessment of articular fragment displacement (step and gap) in displaced acetabular fractures and in canine osteotomized acetabular specimens. DESIGN Retrospective evaluation of a consecutive series of CT scans and plain radiographs of patients with(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine longitudinally the natural history of asymptomatic rotator cuff tears over a 5-year period and to assess the risk for development of symptoms and tear progression. Since 1985 through the present, bilateral sonograms were done on all patients. A review of consecutive sonograms done from 1989 to 1994 revealed 58(More)
Parkinson disease associated with farming and exposure to agricultural chemicals has been reported in numerous studies; little is known about Parkinson disease risk factors for those living in urban areas. The authors investigated the relation between copper, lead, or manganese emissions and Parkinson disease incidence in the urban United States, studying(More)
INTRODUCTION Although previous studies have related occupational exposure and epicondylitis, the evidence is moderate and mostly based on cross-sectional studies. Suspected physical exposures were tested over a 3-year period in a large longitudinal cohort study of workers in the USA. METHOD In a population-based study including a variety of industries,(More)