Bradley Erickson

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Advances in web technologies now allow direct visualization of imaging data sets without necessitating the download of large file sets or the installation of software. This allows centralization of file storage and facilitates image review and analysis. XNATView is a light framework recently developed in our lab to visualize DICOM images stored in The(More)
Excision with primary anastomosis (EPA) urethroplasty is generally the preferred method for short strictures in the bulbar urethra, given its high success rate and low complication rate compared to other surgical interventions. Bleeding is a presumed risk factor for any surgical procedure but perioperative hemorrhage after an EPA requiring hospitalization(More)
Urethroplasty is the preferred surgical approach for the management of urethral stricture disease. To date, no standard has been established to evaluate stricture recurrence after urethral reconstruction, though both invasive and non-invasive methods are used widely. In this article we review the role of noninvasive testing and questionnaires in urethral(More)
This work investigates how wireless signal attenuation affects a team of mobile robots performing exploration. Many coverage tasks, such as search and rescue or exploration, can be performed more effectively when robots communicate with one other. However, in real world environments, maintaining communication can be difficult due to unpredictable wireless(More)
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