Bradley Davidson

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—Falls are one of the greatest threats to elderly health as they carry out their daily living routines and activities. Therefore, it is very important to detect falls of an elderly in a timely and accurate manner, so that immediate response and proper care can be rendered. Radar is an effective non-intrusive sensing modality which is well suited for this(More)
Weblogs and other web text are an incredibly rich knowledge base, and the marketing industry is beginning to recognize the value of web texts as a source of information about their customers. However, the nature of web texts make them unsuitable for analysis using standard market research methods. In this paper, we describe the use of exploratory data(More)
  • Susan B Davidson, Anthony Kosky, Kosky, Anthony, Anthony S Kosky, B Davidson
  • 2014
Database transformations are a frequent problem for data managers supporting scientific databases, particularly those connected with the Human Genome Project. The databases involved frequently contain complex data structures not typically found in conventional databases, such as arbitrarily nested records, sets, variants, and optional fields, as well as(More)
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