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Because of being in transition or because of choice, many software development environments make use of both the function-oriented and object-oriented approaches in their software development process. In some cases, object-oriented and function-oriented approaches are used in the development of the same system, such as when using function-oriented analysis(More)
Conventional wisdom tells us that dot product based bump mapping requires specialized hardware, but we show that this form of per-pixel lighting can be performed interactively on today's consumer class hardware with nothing more than core OpenGL functionality. The key to the approach described here is a multipass approximation of the vector dot product(More)
The purpose of this thesis is to develop a topology data structure that supports both structured and unstructured grid generation methods. This to-pology data structure directly supports the method of building edge grids, surface grids and volume grids in order to construct high quality computational fluid dynamics (CFD) grids. The minimal topological(More)
In this thesis, we analyze various factors that affect quality of service (QoS) communication in high-speed, packet-switching sub-networks. We hypothesize that sub-network-wide bandwidth reservation and guaranteed CPU processing power at endpoint systems for handling data traffic are indispensable to achieving hard end-to-end quality of service. Different(More)
It is necessary to predict the concentrations of different toxic elements in the exhaust gas and glass formed by the plasma torch, a leading technology for vitrification of hazardous waste materials. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), which is used for identification and quantification of the elements, needs to be calibrated before each usage, as(More)
GGLiB is a library for geometry modeling and grid generation. The objective of the GGLiB project is to facilitate application development in areas such as computer aided geometry design (CAGD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) by providing standalone functions in the form of libraries. GGLiB is decomposed into two libraries (NURBS library and grid(More)