Bradley C. Wheeler

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Acknowledgements: The development of NeBIC theory has benefited greatly from the detailed guidance of the editor, associate editor, and reviewers. I also wish to thank research associate Michael Williams and Arvin Sayam for their valuable assistance and healthy debate in maturing the ideas presented here. Abstract We propose the Net-enabled Business(More)
Early experiences with Web-based groupware point to new collaboration opportunities within and between organizations. We report the results of a study of more than 100 organizations that have used Web-based groupware to understand better how they are using it and what advantages and disadvantages they have experienced. We then use these data to develop a(More)
The commoditization of low-cost hardware has enabled even modest-sized laboratories and research projects to own their own “supercomputers.” We argue that this local solution undermines rather than amplifies the research potential of scholars. CIOs, provosts, and research technologists should consider carefully an overall strategy to provision sustainable(More)
1 This article was reviewed and accepted by all the senior editors, including the editor-in-chief. Articles published in future issues will be accepted by just a single senior editor, based on reviews by members of the Editorial Board. 2 Rockart, J.F. “The Line Takes the Leadership,” Sloan Management British American Tobacco, a 100-year-old company, took up(More)
Desktop ~,irleol:onJilrcnc:in~ (111 ‘( ‘) represents a convergence oj’video, audio, and real-time collaboration support .sofiware into a,fimiliar personal computer. A longitudinal,field quasi-experiment evaluated the <fficac,ll of desktop videocon@rencing s?/.sterns to arnplifv infi~rrnational ii$uence relative to a hascline,fi7cc-to-fircc, treatment. The(More)