Bradley C. Wheeler

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Acknowledgements: The development of NeBIC theory has benefited greatly from the detailed guidance of the editor, associate editor, and reviewers. I also wish to thank research associate Michael Williams and Arvin Sayam for their valuable assistance and healthy debate in maturing the ideas presented here. Abstract We propose the Net-enabled Business(More)
Early experiences with Web-based groupware point to new collaboration opportunities within and between organizations. We report the results of a study of more than 100 organizations that have used Web-based groupware to understand better how they are using it and what advantages and disadvantages they have experienced. We then use these data to develop a(More)
A cubic spline interpolation technique is applied to the problem of aligning action potential waveforms. Interpolation is an attractive alternative to sampling at many times the Nyquist rate in order to reduce errors caused by asynchronous sampling of rapidly changing waveforms. Alignment is achieved by locating the peak of the interpolated waveform, which(More)