Bradley C. Wheeler

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Acknowledgements: The development of NeBIC theory has benefited greatly from the detailed guidance of the editor, associate editor, and reviewers. I also wish to thank research associate Michael Williams and Arvin Sayam for their valuable assistance and healthy debate in maturing the ideas presented here. Abstract We propose the Net-enabled Business(More)
Early experiences with Web-based groupware point to new collaboration opportunities within and between organizations. We report the results of a study of more than 100 organizations that have used Web-based groupware to understand better how they are using it and what advantages and disadvantages they have experienced. We then use these data to develop a(More)
Desktop ~,irleol:onJilrcnc:in~ (111 '(') represents a convergence oj'video, audio, and real-time collaboration support .sofiware into a,fimiliar personal computer. A longitudinal,field quasi-experiment evaluated the <fficac,ll of desktop videocon@rencing s?/.sterns to arnplifv infi~rrnational ii$uence relative to a hascline,fi7cc-to-fircc, treatment. The(More)