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BACKGROUND Dermatological remedies make up at least one-third of the traditional pharmacopoeia in southern Italy. The identification of folk remedies for the skin is important both for the preservation of traditional medical knowledge and in the search for novel antimicrobial agents in the treatment of skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI). Our goal is to(More)
The fruits of saw palmetto have been used for the treatment of a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems. In this study we investigated whether the fruit extracts affect in vitro adipogenesis. Saw palmetto ethanol extract inhibited the lipid droplet accumulation by induction media in a dose-dependent manner, and it also attenuated the protein(More)
Plants are the primary source of medicine for most of the world. The most fundamental step in the scientific study of medicinal plants is establishing their botanical identity. Many studies lack voucher specimens, which serve as permanent records of scientific investigations. This omission makes positive identification impossible and hinders(More)
Until recently, luthiers have been conservative in their wood choices for guitars and other chordophones. Most soundboards (tops) were made from American or European spruces. Rosewood and, less frequently, mahogany, maple, and koa, were used for backs and sides. Spanish cedar and mahogany were the preferred species for necks; ebony or rosewood for(More)
Daniel F. Austin (1943–2015) was a leading authority on Convolvulaceae and especially the Ipomoea batatas complex, which includes the sweet potato and its relatives. He also published extensively on the useful plants of Florida. However, he never examined sweet potato and its importance to Florida’s Native American populations or its early settlers. This(More)
Ethnobotanical Remedies for Acute Diarrhea in Central Anatolian Villages. Acute gastrointestinal illness is a common, life–threatening complication for rural villagers in developing countries such as Turkey. Our study identifies and describes the classification schemes surrounding acute gastrointestinal illness, or diarrhea, and its folk treatments among(More)
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