Bradley Burcar

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Title of Document: A STABLE ISOTOPIC INVESTIGATION OF PRECIPITATION NITRATE Katherine Suzanne Cooney, Master of Science, 2005 Directed By: Professor James Farquhar, Department of Geology The isotopic composition of precipitation nitrate reflects the processes involved in its formation. Silver nitrates prepared from Maryland precipitation were thermally(More)
The poor reactivity of insoluble phosphates, such as apatite-group minerals, has been a long-appreciated obstacle for proposed models of prebiotic organophosphate formation. This obstacle presents a significant challenge to the nascent development of an RNA world and other models for the origins of life on Earth. Herein, we demonstrate that a scenario based(More)
Introduction: The natural occurrence of struvite is uncommon and associated with the decay of putrescent organic matter ever since its first description [1]. Struvite is also formed as a biomineral in microbial ecosystems and in the kidneys of fish and mammal. The mineral was first discovered in the subsoil of the St. Nicholas church in Hamburg, built over(More)
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