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Accurate endotracheal intubation for patients in extremis or at risk of physiologic decompensation is the gold standard for emergency medicine. Field intubation is a complex process and time to intubation, number of attempts, and hypoxia have all been shown to correlate with increases in morbidity and mortality. Expanding laryngoscope technology which(More)
BACKGROUND There is much interest in the use of textiles for sun protection. In vitro test methods are frequently used to assess the degree of protection to solar ultraviolet radiation of textile materials. It is, however, of paramount importance that methods are clearly described and that the precision of these methods is determined such that comparison(More)
For the decomposition of chemical warfare agents, a hybrid material concept was applied. This consists of a copper oxide-containing phase as a component with reactive functionality supported on polymer-based spherical activated carbon (PBSAC) as a component with adsorptive functionality. A corresponding hybrid material was prepared by impregnation of PBSAC(More)
A rising incidence worldwide of skin cancer has been observed for years. A high cumulative exposure to UV radiation is a major factor in the development of such neoplasms. Suitable protective measures are therefore becoming increasingly important. Textiles provide simple, effective and medically safe protection against UV radiation. At present, however, in(More)
1. Introduction Porous transition metal oxides are a very important group of materials for applications in heterogeneous catalysis, either as an active catalyst or as a support for catalytically active components. A major aspect of current research is the control of a well-defined particle morphology and a high specific surface area in combination with a(More)
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