Bradley A. Roscoe

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  • E Blasch, M Pribilski, B Daughtery, B Roscoe, J Gunsett, Erik P Blasch +4 others
  • 2004
To design information fusion systems, it is important to develop metrics as part of a test and evaluation strategy. In many cases, fusion systems are designed to (1) meet a specific set of user information needs (IN), (2) continuously validate information pedigree and updates, and (3) maintain this performance under changing conditions. A fusion system's(More)
Two hundred ten adolescents were questioned regarding reasons they date, and the importance of various personality variables and prestige factors in selecting a dating partner. The primary focus of the investigation was to determine if there were significant differences in the views of early, middle, and late adolescents (i.e., 6th graders, 11th graders,(More)
Two hundred seventy-seven late adolescents were questioned regarding what they believed differentiated an intimate from a nonintimate relationship. Adolescents' responses supported Erickson's (1963) view of intimacy as being characterized by openness, sharing, and trust, with only minimal differences occurring between the sexes, and relative to current(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine differences in older adolescent and adult females' perceptions of age-appropriate behavior in adults. Subjects were three generations of maternally related females (95 older adolescents, 78 mothers, 83 grandmothers) who were administered a questionnaire designed to assess age-appropriate behaviors in three broad(More)
This study investigated adolescents' ratings of various forms of child and pet maltreatment. Participants (N = 614) rated the seriousness of 20 vignettes (10 focusing on abuse; 10 focusing on neglect) on the potential harm each had to a child's or pet's welfare. Two instruments were administered. Half the adolescents completed the child maltreatment(More)
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