Bradford Windle

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We describe a method for stretching DNA, which, when combined with fluorescent hybridization procedures, forms a new mapping technology that produces a high resolution, vivid, multi-colour image and map. Restriction fragments and cosmid probes were successfully mapped by this procedure with validation by standard restriction mapping. A long range map of a >(More)
A series of cationic porphyrins has been identified as G-quadruplex interactive agents (QIAs) that stabilize telomeric G-quadruplex DNA and thereby inhibit human telomerase; 50% inhibition of telomerase activity was achieved in HeLa cell-free extract at porphyrin concentrations in the range < or = 50 microM. Cytotoxicity of the porphyrins in vitro was(More)
Telomeres are guanine-rich regions that are located at the ends of chromosomes and are essential for preventing aberrant recombination and protecting against exonucleolytic DNA degradation. Telomeres are maintained by telomerase, an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase. Because telomerase is known to be expressed in tumor cells, which concurrently have short(More)
A CHO cell line with a single copy of the DHFR locus on chromosome Z2 was used to analyze the structure of the amplification target and products subsequent to the initial amplification event. Dramatic diversity in the number and cytogenetic characteristics of DHFR amplicons was observed as soon as eight to nine cell doublings following the initial event.(More)
Amplification of genes can sometimes be detected by molecular hybridization but not by cytogenetic methods, suggesting that in some cases the units of amplification may be too small to be detected by light microscopy. The experiments reported here investigate whether submicroscopic amplification units are present in early passages of the human tumor cell(More)
Rabbit endogenous pyrogens occurred in two forms. One was an apparently single protein with a pI of 7.3; the other was a family of proteins with pI values of 4.5 to 5.0. We selected two of the latter, with pI values of 4.6 and 4.72, as representative of the group and compared them with the pI 7.3 pyrogen. Antisera raised in three goats completely(More)
BACKGROUND Telomerase is an important enzyme whose activity has been convincingly demonstrated in humans recently. It is required for maintenance of ends of chromosomes (telomeres) during cell division. Since its presence has been selectively demonstrated in dividing cells including tumor cells, it has generated considerable excitement as a potential(More)
Over a period of 71 months, 19 patients were treated for infected or eroded permanent pacemaker pockets. All cases were treated with local debridement and insertion of a closed irrigation system using a solution of tyloxapol and tobramycin. Successful eradicaiton of the infection, without complete replacement of the pacemaker system, was achieved in all(More)
M. Bumbieris Waite Agricultural Research Institute, The University of Adelaide, Glen Osmond, South Australia, 5064. T.J. Wicks and B.E. Windle Department of Agriculture, South Australia, 5000. The association of Phytophthora combivora (Petri) Buis. with dying apple trees in South Australia was first reported in 1980 (1). Subsequently P. cryptogea(More)